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A Second Chance At A First Impression

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 1:52 am

Have you ever looked at your house and dreamed of making it better? The thought of renovating your home is daunting. The problem is always time, money or both! What can I do that will increase the value of my home and not cost me an arm and a leg? How do I renovate my house without having to completely tear it apart?
Entrypoint by Perry’s has the answers! If you need beautiful, 1” thick triple glazed decorative glass, we have it. We have completely custom, frameless, 3/8” thick shower doors that can be carved with anything you like to match your personality. We offer mirror frames, French doors, cabinet door glass and so much more. And we come to your door! Our applications are done the day we start and usually cost half the price of alternatives.
You can make your home personalized to your taste and style. Make your home yours, save money and increase its value. It’s time for a change. Give us a call – we can help you make your home beautiful.
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