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Art League Welcome Back

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 1:57 am

South Lake Art League held their Welcome Back general meeting on September 14th at the gallery. Lisa Harris welcomed guests and members. Dorris Delbridge reported on the activities of the photo club which meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the gallery. Our guest speaker was Jayson Stringfellow. Board officers and Committee Chairs gave their reports.
Following the meeting we held a reception for the new Photo Show. Awards were given to the following:
Land and Sea Category: 1st Place, Amsterdam – Bill Lewis, 2nd Place, Shrimp Boat – Laura Howell, and 3rd Place, Virginia Vista – Valerie Sims.
People Category: 1st Place, Tribal Dancer – Terry Allhouse, 2nd Place , Paddle Boarder – Lisa Harris, and 3rd Place , Happy Fisherman – Lisa Harris.
Black & White/ Monochrome Category:1st Place, Typed – Dorris Delbridge, 2nd Place, Back in Time – Sue Hilton, and 3rd Place, Amish Country – Pat Severs.
Plants and Flowers Category: 1st Place, Pretty in Pink – Sue Hilton, 2nd Place, Camellia – Thomas Hickey, 3rd Place, Bunch of Flowers – Dorris Delbridge.
Animals, Birds, & Insects Category: 1st Place Florida Scrub Jay – Pat Hackenberg, 2nd Place, Hidden Egret – Laura Howell, 3rd Place, Osprey – Pat Hackenberg.
Creative Category: 1st Place, Building Warp – Laura Howell, 2nd Place, Bee on a Flower – Thomas Hickey, 3rd Place, Creative Lake – Thomas Hickey.
Manmade/Bridge/Auto/Building Category: 1st Place, Old Yellow Bus – Dorris Delbridge, 2nd Place, Bridges of Strasberg – Bill Lewis, 3rd Place, Food for Thought – Trudie Quick.
Best of Show: Rainy Day, Trudie Quick.
The South Lake Fall Photo Show will be on display through October 5, 2019. The art league is open during the Farmer’s Market on Sunday from 9am – 1pm.