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Assist2Sell Buyers & Sellers Realty

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 1:04 am

All Assist-2-Sell franchise offices are licensed, full-service discount rate real estate brokerages that take care of everything home sellers need from a real estate company but with the advantage and savings only a low commission real estate agent can offer.
Assist-2-Sell customers receive full service, and there are no up-front costs; all fees are paid after the house closes.
As the name implies, the Direct-to-Buyer™ program markets a home seller’s home directly to home buyers. Your home is advertised on the Assist-2-Sell websites and many other real estate websites. This gives Assist-2-Sell the opportunity to find a buyer through its own marketing efforts. Your home will also be placed on the MLS, and with the MLS for Less™ Program, home sellers still have the opportunity to pay only the low, flat fee to us, should the buyer purchase directly through Assist-2-Sell.
If an MLS agent brings the home buyer, a low commission is added to the cost which is paid to that agent; Assist-2-Sell receives only their low, flat fee. If the buyer comes directly to Assist-2-Sell, the seller pays only the low, flat fee and NOT the additional commission.
Call for details: 352.289.6100.