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Disabled Banker Meets His Life-Saver

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 1:05 am

Pictured is Edward Higgins, PNC Bank Branch Manager of the Groveland Branch, with the man who saved his life, Retired Pembroke Pines Police Officer Nelson Martinez.
When Ed was 23 years old in 2006, he was a 6’4” long-snapper and line man football player for the University of Illinois, had a beautiful girlfriend and enjoyed riding his motorcycle. Until one day, he had a tragic motorcycle accident on Hollywood Blvd. in South Florida that left him a T4 quadriplegic. The police officer that was first on the scene (Nelson Martinez) held his head until the ambulance came.
Fast forward to 2019… Ed received tremendous care from the Memorial Healthcare System and with his determination and winning attitude was able to succeed in life. He got the girl and today he is 36 years old, is married and has a beautiful set of twins – a boy and a girl. He finished his degree and now is a vice president at PNC Bank in northwest Central Florida.
Recently, while Ed was managing the bank branch a client comes in who wants to open a business banking account – Nelson Martinez. They started chatting and learned he was a cop in Pembroke Pines where Ed was from and asked Ed about his accident. The retired officer tells him that he was the first responder on the scene of the wreck. Ed was doubtful. He thought it would be impossible for a former police officer to remember the exact motorcycle accident 13 years ago in South Florida. It turns out Martinez actually described the scene in detail including the color and design of Ed’s helmet, which he held for what felt like an eternity.
It was truly a God wink moment. A moment of closure for both of them. Ed and Nelson now see each other at PNC Bank and share the coincidental one-in-a-million reunion with a smile and a wink.
Ed now is part of the Christopher Reeves Foundation and serves as a mentor to newly handicapped individuals. He chats with them at the hospital and lets them know there’s hope and life after the accident.