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Eustis Heights educator joins High Impact Teacher Corps

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 10:58 am

TAVARES – Jennifer Cavallaro, a math and science coach at Eustis Heights Elementary School, has been selected to join the High Impact Teacher Corps, a year-long professional learning program designed to ensure that every Florida student has access to the best teachers.


The program is a partnership between the Florida Department of Education and the New Teacher Center, a nationally recognized leader in teacher development. It creates a learning community of High Impact Teachers across the state who have demonstrated the ability to have a positive impact on student achievement with significant results for students in some of Florida’s most struggling schools.


Those selected for the program participate in three face-to-face professional development sessions, online forums and have the opportunity to receive personalized coaching. The teachers work with their school administrator to identify a teacher to coach/mentor throughout the year. Participants will receive support and coaching to develop the skills necessary to assist other teachers in achieving the kinds of results they are getting for their own students.


At Eustis Heights, Ms. Cavallaro plans lessons, guides discussion based on best practices, models instruction within classrooms, provides coaching and feedback around instruction, and leads learning as it relates to math and science.


“She is an important member of our leadership team, where she provides valuable input around school systems and, most importantly, student and teacher needs,” Principal Tiffany Scott said. “Her content knowledge paired with her ability to continuously reflect on her practice, creates a space that allows teachers to utilize her as a resource. This is critical because as a coach, you are only as effective as the relationships you build with teachers. She is building relationships that allows teachers to reflect and open their practice.”


Cassie Palelis, Recognition Coordinator with the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Recruitment, Development and Retention, said the goal is for participating teachers to receive the recognition and support they need in order to remain at their current schools through the duration of the program and beyond. “By equipping high impact teachers with the knowledge, leadership skills and networks necessary to extend their impact beyond their own classroom, we also hope that these teachers can support other teachers in producing similarly positive student achievement outcomes,” she added.

“I am so excited to be a part of the High Impact Teacher Corps (HITC),” Cavallaro said. “I have been learning with and surrounded by educators with such passion and high expectations for students who work in the same type of school as I do. This year I have stepped out of the classroom after 9 years and into the math science coach role at Eustis Heights Elementary School. This program has allowed us to identify the practices that have led our students to such success. My hopes are to share this with my colleagues and help them in creating the optimal learning environment in their own classrooms. My ultimate goal is to make sure students at every grade, every level, every day receive the highest quality of instruction they deserve.”