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Good Golly! It’s Miss Molly!

Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 1:01 am

The Titanic had the unsinkable Molly Brown…Houndhaven has the unsinkable Molly Yellow! Before Houndhaven, Molly had not had a very good life. She was confiscated by animal control in a cruelty case, and still has scarring on her face and feet that hint at what she’s been through. Thank goodness dogs are forgiving, and are one of the only creatures on Earth that love you more that they love themselves. Sweet Molly has a big, forgiving heart, and is so grateful for any and all affection that comes her way.
Aside from her rough start, Molly also needed to have surgery to remove some troublesome lumps, and had to endure the “cone of shame” for a while. She came through with flying colors, and is happy to be enjoying play time in the yards with her new boyfriend Brannigan. Molly does well with baths, loves treats, and walks well on a leash.
Molly is an approximately six year old yellow lab and weighs about 70 pounds. She loves spending time with people so much that when she is at our Adoption Events she does not let a person pass by without trying to get their attention. And who could resist that sweet face?! Beautiful Molly deserves nothing but the very best for the rest of her life. She wants nothing more than to kiss, love and snuggle with everyone she meets, and would certainly shower her new family with unconditional love every day!
If you have been looking for a snuggle bug of your very own that will love you like no other…we have just the girl for you! Please visit to review our adoption policies and procedures, and complete an application for Molly.