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Kiwanis Welcome Sheriff Peyton Grinnell

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 1:26 am

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell spoke at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club of South Lake. He said that there are 700 members in the agency. The Sheriff Department and the local police are doing a great job of protecting the quality of life for this community. A new Community Engagement Unit, headed by Lt. Michael Martin works with the Sheriff on getting the word out. They have a media production equipment and are doing public service announcements and highlighting employees that are going above and beyond. There is real time information going out to our residents.  Twitter: @LCSOalerts   Facebook: @LakeCountySO  information like major accidents or incidents will be posted. He said that texting while driving is bad in our county and they are trying to see what can be done.
The projection for 2020 is that Lake County will have a population of 420,000. We will need more schools and law enforcement. He is bringing back the DARE program to our schools to get our kids working with law enforcement at an early age. Go to for information on Safety Net and Senior Watch that is available for our elderly residents. Safety Net is a program for roaming Alzheimer patients, where a receiver is attached to the person and if they walk away they can be tracked by helicopter and other tech. Senior Watch is a program if an elderly person lives alone and if a family member wants to have them checked on, you notify the sheriff department and they set up an officer to check on the person. The Sheriff’s department is doing a great job in our community and we currently have a member of the Agency, Lt. Mark Stauffer in our Club and we thank all the officers for all they do in our community. The program was very interesting and informative for our club.
The Kiwanis Club of South Lake meets every Thursday at the Fairfield Inn 1750 Hunt Trace Rd, Clermont at 7:30 AM. Guests are welcome to join us.