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Ruff Times Rescue says ‘Hallo Haus!’

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 1:01 am

A German greeting for a boy with a German name! Haus’ family lost their home to foreclosure and while living in the hotel, management informed the family that they could not keep their beloved pet. Forced to relinquish him, they were broken hearted. This young boy was so babied that he actually cries like a baby when you leave him. He is just a mush and only wants to play ball and have his human by his side. Haus is about 2 years of age and is very happy and healthy.
To help alleviate the family‚Äôs pain of parting with Haus, RTR has promised to find him the best home possible (as we do for ALL of our dogs). We carefully screen potential adopters to make sure all of our precious rescues are going to be safe and loved for the rest of their days. We visit the home and actually see where the dog will live and follow up by insisting on proven vet history to make sure they are well cared for. Ask your favorite rescue to PLEASE implement this critical adoption policy, as we witness far too many dogs in the WRONG hands from rescues who do not do home checks. Simply adopting IS NOT enough…it is adopting to the RIGHT family that makes it TRUE rescue work!
Please help us spread the word about this handsome boy and if you are interested in Haus call us at 352-240-1583 or email us at or Visit our website and like us on Facebook. Remember, we need foster homes and volunteers even more than we need donations! We always need donations and grain free food, treats and blankets! Make a difference for some helpless dog today!