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The Gym to Visit in 2019

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 1:40 am

Physical fitness remains one of the undisputed guiding principles of health. As 2019 begins, it ignites renewed zeal in us to workout in order to lose weight. At Be Fit 4 Life Fitness Center, we believe that being healthy is a lifestyle to be shared with our community. We seek to achieve this purpose by offering two unique programs: Lifestyle Management Program; and Youth Sports Performance Improvement Program.
The objective of our Lifestyle Management Program is to allow participants to make positive changes, to ensure lifelong benefits. Our plan is not a “diet” but in fact, teaches key principles for life long weight-loss success — eating healthy and a regular exercise program. There are different levels to our weight loss plan, which includes a 12-week gym membership. In conjunction with our clinic, Vanguard Medical Center, we enhance weight loss on a cellular level by adding customized vitamins, minerals, amino acids and IV Nutritional Therapy.
Our Youth Sports Performance Improvement Program provides opportunities for teens (13-18 years) to be active early by placing them on a path to better physical and mental health. We address all the components in the development of elite athletes. Our services include guidance in: speed and agility; flexibility and movement; strength and conditioning; along with injury prevention in an age appropriate way.
The passion of Be Fit 4 Life Fitness Center (Gym) is to encourage our community to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. Call today to begin your transformation! (352) 227-3415, (352) 243-9355, or