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We Listen So You Can Hear Better

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 1:51 am

Digital Hearing Lab is a local family owned private hearing health office serving the Clermont community since July 2017. Owners Gabriel Rodriguez and Stephanie Zang are committed in providing the most exceptional hearing health care with a personalized family feel.
Being a privately-owned office without ties to a singular manufacturer gives them the opportunity to offer a wider selection to their patients. As an independent practice they customize the hearing aid exactly to the individual instead of pulling the closest match from their shelf. “We see it all too often, having someone come in who is very frustrated with their inability to participate in family activities due to their hearing difficulty. Being able to help them hear again (especially in noisy environments) and seeing the difference from when they first walked into our office is truly the most rewarding part,” says Stephanie. They provide audiometric hearing evaluations, in-house hearing aid repairs, hearing aid dispensing and fitting, in addition to cleaning and checking all major makes and models.
They pride themselves on educating the community by attending health fairs, holding seminars at local community centers and doing several lunch and learns throughout the year. “We want our patients to be educated about hearing loss, the differences between all these hearing devices and the newest technology that is out there,” says Gabriel.
For more information give them a call at 352-988-0274 or stop by their office. They are conveniently located behind the Publix at Citrus Tower (290 Citrus Tower Blvd., Suite 105)
They also provide multi-lingual services reaching English as well as Spanish and German speaking patients.