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What is Genealogy?

Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 1:49 am

Genealogy [jee-nee-ol-uh-jee] noun, (from Greek: genealogia “the making of a pedigree”) (the study of) the history of the past and present members of a family or families.
Genealogy is the study of family history, using historical records, oral interviews and sometimes genetic analysis (DNA) to reconstruct a working family tree. A family tree represents the connection between the people involved. The process of genealogical research is a complex process that uses historical records to demonstrate their relationship. Conclusions are based on analyzing documentation and the evidence that can be drawn (directly or indirectly) from the information gathered. Researchers don’t only collect documents but also photos, family stories, and heirlooms. Source citation is also important when conducting genealogical research.
In 1989 a group of Clermont area residents took classes on genealogy and found it extremely exciting. They wanted to pass on the knowledge they had to others, so they decided to form a local society that would help teach the art and the science of building a family tree. Today Pastfinders of South Lake County; Genealogical Society is 99 members strong with volunteers who help the public at no charge. Cooper Memorial Library has a room on the second floor that houses the books, materials and the computers used to do research. The computers have free access to,, and to all library patrons. According to only about 10% of all records are digitized and available online, So Cooper library houses over 1,789 genealogical reference books that may help find ancestors from around the world.
Pastfinders of South Lake County; Genealogical Society conducts classes in starting, continuing and organizing one’s research, help sessions, educational speakers, and yearly conference are only part of what they offer. This fall marks Pastfinders 30th year giving back to the community. Please stay tuned to, Facebook group PastfindersofSL and your local newspaper for upcoming events and celebrations. Open to the general public, curious people welcome.