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You May Not Need That Knee Replacement Your Doctor Recommended After All

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:35 am

Hi! I’m Dr Estime of Clermont Internal Medicine. I have chosen to speak about this subject despite some strong personal reticence. I finally surmised that silence is tantamount to complicity. That rhetoric has been quite liberating, indeed.
As an Internal Medicine doctor, I see quite a number of patients seeking second opinions. I have seen a significant number of cases of people who were scheduled for knee replacements who are now walking normally without their proposed surgery. Additionally, many people are on medications they simply do not need. As a physician I realize something needs to be done.
There are some very good doctors out there. I believe a major part of that problem is that many doctors do not spend enough time with their patients to better understand what their problems and needs are.
I would venture to say if you are younger than 55, are not obese, were not in the military and you are told you need a knee replacement, there is a great likelihood that you really don’t need it. You have choices. I personally find PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to be the best choice so far. We have been doing PRP on patient’s knees and other joints for several years and our success rate far surpasses our best expectations. There is hope that does not involve surgeries, pain and weeks of physical therapy. We offer free consults and will always do what is best for YOU.
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